Sunday, January 2, 2011

blame it on the colorado!

we've reunited in colorado!!!

depicted below...the big smiles and big mountains that we are writing you from.

and of course we had to make a quiche.

here are some of the ingredients:

simple yet great. like you.

a cooked brown rice crust leftover from the night before from the first meal ever had in the new house!
then sauteed kale (with garlic, cumin and tumeric) that came from Nashville, TN before the big drive and also spent the night in the snow outside the house in our frantic run from the car, post a very dark drive up a very snowy and hair pin turned filled drive-way lucky for was still great.
and then raw chopped red pepper and onion
a can of black beans
and lots of sharp, white cheddar cheese!

and, of course, the eggs! with almond milk.

at higher altitudes (because we are over 5,000 above sea level!) cooking times are different! basically, there is less air pressure and so water evaporates more quickly. and water boils at 1 F degree lower per 500 feet above sea level meaning that food takes longer to cook because even if it's boiling, the temperature is lower than it needs to be. so it took longer for this quiche to finish. it's maybe more complicated than that......rae says they don't get it. it's hard for lizzie, too.

it finished.
as it always does.

the finished quiche:

and us about to enjoy!

quote of the quiche:

"i miss making quiche with you" - rae to lizzie
"'s like all in one size fits most" - lizzie

and then the next day, was the first day of school!
look at these cuties, with quiche still in their bellies, they were ready for a new adventure (written by lizzie):

stay tuned to other quiches on location....

hugs and quiches,
rae & lizzie

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  1. So exciting! Of course first day of class means plaid!!!! Quiche looks delish! Loved seeing all of these pics! Colorado looks gorgeous! Now.... to find the replacement for Cho Lo!!!!