Sunday, January 2, 2011

blame it on the colorado!

we've reunited in colorado!!!

depicted below...the big smiles and big mountains that we are writing you from.

and of course we had to make a quiche.

here are some of the ingredients:

simple yet great. like you.

a cooked brown rice crust leftover from the night before from the first meal ever had in the new house!
then sauteed kale (with garlic, cumin and tumeric) that came from Nashville, TN before the big drive and also spent the night in the snow outside the house in our frantic run from the car, post a very dark drive up a very snowy and hair pin turned filled drive-way lucky for was still great.
and then raw chopped red pepper and onion
a can of black beans
and lots of sharp, white cheddar cheese!

and, of course, the eggs! with almond milk.

at higher altitudes (because we are over 5,000 above sea level!) cooking times are different! basically, there is less air pressure and so water evaporates more quickly. and water boils at 1 F degree lower per 500 feet above sea level meaning that food takes longer to cook because even if it's boiling, the temperature is lower than it needs to be. so it took longer for this quiche to finish. it's maybe more complicated than that......rae says they don't get it. it's hard for lizzie, too.

it finished.
as it always does.

the finished quiche:

and us about to enjoy!

quote of the quiche:

"i miss making quiche with you" - rae to lizzie
"'s like all in one size fits most" - lizzie

and then the next day, was the first day of school!
look at these cuties, with quiche still in their bellies, they were ready for a new adventure (written by lizzie):

stay tuned to other quiches on location....

hugs and quiches,
rae & lizzie

Thursday, September 30, 2010

queso frescaioli potpie 9/30/10

We're back with an exciting addition to the Dreamy Quichey blog.
Mary has an amazing CSA (community shared agriculture) from Blue Ribbon Farm run by our friends Maggie and Pete.

Mary was in the mood for a pot pie, that's how we decided on this week's ingredients.

Crust: mashed potato!! with garlic and onion added in!
BONUS LAYER: sesame seeds
Filling: steamed carrots, red peppers, leeks, green beans, arugula, 3 eggs, 1/3 cup soy milk, and garlic pesto aioli.
Cheese: parmesan and queso fresco
Bonus Layer: sesame seeds.

quote of the quiche:
Mary: "it smells so good. and it's so warm." (as they lean in close...pictured above)
Kate: "you all make the most attractive quiches i've ever seen or experienced."

it was soooo good. the aioli was really good. like...really good. so was the big chucks of queso fresco.

our great friends jackie and kate shaps joined me and mary this week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

late night quiche! 9/23/10

New Post! Me and Mary came home from an awesome punk show and whipped up this deliciousness. For nostalgia's sake and because we love her, we called quiche expert lizzie via speakerphone to join us.

Here's pretty much how the conversation went:

Rae: We got port salute cheese from Greenlife (local store in asheville) and it looks like soft muenster cheese.
Lizzie: Does it have red spots on it?
Rae: Yea! The Quiche also has yellow onion and I like the onion when don't cook it before hand. You just throw it in and it tastes sweet. I put a little dried basil in the crust.
Lizzie: Oh I like that.
Rae: And we put some arugula on the top and I am afraid it's gonna burn on there! I am trusting Mary's judgment that it won't. But, frankly I'm worrying.
Lizzie: Yeah, I'm gonna side with Rae, Mary you'll just have to learn by experience
Mary: Yeah, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I am gonna slander you on the blog for saying that.
Rae: Oh the cheese melted! Can you tell me about the quiche you made recently?
Lizzie: mash potato crush, seasoned black beans, and then I stirred fried some green beans. They're kinda like asparagus, ya know green stalks. But there was no asparagus at the store, I tried really hard. I layed the egg down, cut up cherry tomatoes on top, some local raw chedder. I didn't really like the taste so much, it has a funny taste to it.
Gossiping then ensued.

Tips about this late night quiche...
We used 4 eggs and a little bit of water. This is just because we had no almond milk. But that shouldn't stop you from adding the standard 3/4 cup almond milk and three eggs. It was still awesome, just less fluffy.
Our CRUST was the standard quiche crust but had buckwheat and millet.
Our CHEESE was port salut. so so good!
Filling was local shitakes, leeks, yellow onion, garlic, arugula.
Really good with hot sauce. mmmmmm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

basketball quiche with mary and rae's nba finals week.
2.mary is a super star basketball player.
3.and things are cute when they are in circles.
4. things that are orange and black are yummy.

this weeks quiche!
crust: the famous good ole pastry crust (see other posts)
bottom layer: red lentils and quinoa
filling: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup almond milk
top layer: roasted eggplant (first we cut the eggplant up and salted them. when they look like they are "sweating" you rinse off the salt. it makes for more tender eggplant.)
cheese: mozzarella
exciting cute layer: carrots and kalamata olives laid on quiche like a basketball.

We had a great time and we ate it on the basketball court. It had a great Mediterranean flavor!

Ofcourse it was delicious. It's quiche!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quiche Luck of the Century

This is the Quiche Luck of the Century folks.
All of our favorites were here. Boy o boy do our friends make good quiche.
Here we are folks!

kensey: "i can't believe it's not quiche... fruit salad"

erika and dave and rowen:
spelt crust, eggs spinach, monterary cheese, buttermilk and hemp milk mixed,
fluffy eggs! "i beat the hell out of it"

rae: "quiche you later lizzie"
"i'm too full to be on the ball"
this one has our always exciting pastry crust, freshly sliced tomato, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano, goat cheese, three eggs.

danny's first: "quiche me if you can" or "i never quiche and tell"
perfect crust (recipe), olives, kale, green onions, red bell pepper, tumeric, garlic, egg and buttermilk and simmered family tradition: must coat the crust with egg yolk.
"does it normally take you three hours to make a quiche?"
"complex yet subtle...layers of after another..." - erin
note: on the toothpick it says "You are the dreamiest quiche".

catfish and erin: "the grunion mullet"
millet and olive oil crust, shitake, carrots, onions, garlic, salt and pepper, green onions, eggs, sun dried tomato quiche

dolmas are great in quiche, quiche
the gf, flakey crust (see recipe from previous posts), black bean hummus from Roots cafe, dolams laid out in a triangular formation, black kalamata olives, roasted tomatoes, egg mixture (3 eggs, .5 cups almond milk) and topped with feta cheese!
erin went back for seconds for only one quiche...and it was that one!

mary and ingrid: it's liquid quiche - grapes smashed quiche in a wine bottle, pinot gruzeeare

naomi and alexei: "deep dish takes an hour and a half in the oven" or
"deep dish quiche" or "green eggs and garlic"
buckwheat and rice flour crust, sochan, lambs quarters, spinach, sour cream in crust and in eggs, onion, garlic, colby
"i use garlic like it's a vegetable"-naomi

not pictured!!joanne:
"line pan with four cups of chopped fresh spinach, sautee small onion with two tablespoons of oil and generous garlic and lay on spinach, wisk 12 eggs with 3 cups of unsweetened almond milk, dill, salt, pepper, and a cup of quinoa, bake for and an hour, covered...quinoa was supposed to settle to the bottom but it didn't! so maybe spread out on the bottom.

good quiche was had by all.

you can't tell your pants are unbuttoned if you're wearing an apron

we played the old childhood favorite game telephone:
started: "jen trapped alexei in the pantry and squeezed his butt checks" changed to...
"why are you calling me on the telephone" to...
"quiche get it now get up act up" it's unclear...mary forgets.
"quiche now get up get up"

quiche chants:
whose quiche? our quiche!

And that's all folks! Lizzie has officially moved. The dreamy quiche will live our dreams.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pittsburgh Pierogi Pizza Quiche/ week 40 - may 24, 2010

There is this place in Pittsburgh (Adrian's Pizza) that has amazing Pierogi Pizza. In honor of Lizzie's big move to Pittsburgh in a few weeks we made this quiche.

Crust: Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Bonus Layer: Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Onions, Sundried Tomatoes (re-hydrated)
Filling: three eggs (local, organic- as always), 1/2 cup almond milk, some salt

Pittsburgh Pierogi Pizza Quiche
Cheese: White Cheddar, Provolone grated

Bake in Oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. *note: bake crust for a few minutes before adding ingredients on top.

This quiche was so good! The only critique we had is that the crust is kinda hard to cut. This may depend on the kind you get.

Monday, May 17, 2010

shannon the great's philly tomato pie quiche/ week 39 - may 17, 2010

our friend shannon came to visit us this week! we were so excited we decided to make a philadelphia food inspired quiche. none of us have actually had tomato pie. but boy oh boy were we excited to try it out.

In spirit of the theme we chose pretzels, tomato pie, and cheddar cheese (instead of cheese sauce) because of their Philly roots.

Crust: Glutino Gluten Free sesame pretzel rings
Bottom Layer: Sliced Tomato (organic and local slicer tomatoes!)
Middle Layer: 3 Eggs (organic and local!), 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 T dried basil,
1 T dried oregano
Bottom Layer: Another Sliced Tomato Layer
Cheese: Cheddar and a little Pecorino Romano

soooo good!

quote of the quiche: "it's like pizza but better." -Mary